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I worry a lot about that lately. I try to brush it off as I know what I want to do, but I don't know how to and if it even is something I want to do in the long run. so I just sit down and worry a lot, even more when I know that some of my desired educations can be really hard to get into and only pick new students once every second year. 

Right now I plan to take both of my wanted educations. one of them should leave me qualified to work in kindergardens and the like. I greatly enjoyed my internship where I helped taking care of kids in that age group 9-12, but the downside is I also have to be part of the school system as a sort of an assisting teacher, something I don't want to. I hate classes to some degree, what I hate is the disorder, chaos and noises, and I just know I will become the grumpy teacher must kid wouldn't like. so that leaves me with a problem, unless I go for the even younger kids, then problem would be solved, I am just not sure, if I want to take care of kids younger than before mentioned age group. 

my other desired education would be in art. another problem arrive here. talent, skill, and applications. if I were to believe what others tell me, I am not without talent, so that would be sorta secure, but skill is not something I believe to have I want to apply for educations like the animation workshop or other skill based educations like that. It is also likely that I would have to wait years before I am able to apply to some of the educations. 
next, I don't even know if I want to live off art or if it should just stay an hobby. but it is one of the only things I think I am good at and I love to do it, but I don't know if I would feel the same if it turns into my work.
next thing, I have for a very long time been insecure when it comes to story telling. so it makes me wonder if I would ever be able to make comics, I have for a long time wanted to try do so, but my insecurity have left me unable to ever even started, even if I still work with stories inside my own head. 

those problems have left me to think I might be able to become a freelancer illustrator or just work together with a person who got confidence in story telling, that is, if I ever got to a point where I myself believe I could actually do so. 

meanwhile I slowly try to build up ideas for an universe for my characters. I have a lot, but I don't want to work on separating universes for just a handful of each, so I try to create one where they can all be in the same one without any problems, even if some looks more fit to be in a modern universe and some a more supernatural/fantasy one. 
so far it's mostly come to vague ideas for how the world would be like and some of the problems that exist in the world, but it's good enough for starters. 
I have mused with one person about this world, at least they seemed to like these vague ideas so far and contribute some as well. if you are interested, I can share my vague ideas, though it will be send in private messages, as I don't feel comfortable enough to share them in public yet. 

I also consider to work more with a crack story a friend and I create back in HF (a name for a Danish educations, I believe it would compare to college, but I could be wrong). there is an universe idea there, and it also got some very... interesting... characters, to work with. 

and the extra bonus is that I start to learn photoshop, and I got classes for drawing and traditional painting, which hopefully leaves me with a lot of useful skills in the future!

I kinda moved away from my future worries by the end, didn't I?
but it leaves me in doubt as what I should do and not, but I guess it might be smartest to study for child care first, it would leave me years to practice my drawing skills even more and I could take course on the side run to become even better. the future will show if any of it would work out for me, but I worry a lot, since the future forecast shows that I could end up studying till I am in my 30's :/ 
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